Pedro y Sabrina visiter Paris

Paris. Pedro and Sabrina are from different parts of Europe. Pedro is from the city of Sevilla in Spain and Sabrina from Berlin in Germany. They are sitting on a bench in a park in Paris. They have met for the first time and are curious to know where the other one is coming from and what they are doing.

Can you fill in the missing pieces?
Espanu plazer kvor-a solu guster kvanti amer fabrizer Germanu Germanus estut otri kafi parku visiter lingi kvas estum turismu jus ku parler kvel Espanus romanis n'estum

Pedro y Sabrina ______ sur banku in un _____. Pedro est d'Sevilla in ______ y Sabrina est d'Berlin in Germanu.

Pedro: "Hi, _____ Pedro. Estum d'Sevilla in Espanu. Y _____? __ estut?"
Sabrina: "Estum Sabrina. Estum d'Berlin in _______."
Pedro: "Ah! Berlin! Estum ____ Berlin. "
Sabrina: "Y estum amer Espanu. In partikulari i kusti, u maru y u ___. Y manjaru espanus y vinu tintus."
Pedro: "Estut ______ Espanus?"
Sabrina: "Non, estum parler di _____ kvel sont ________ y Anglus. Y estut? ______ lingi estut parler? Estut parler Germanus?"
Pedro: "Non, _______ parler lingu Germanus. Estum parler tri lingi ____ sont _______, Franzus y Italus."
Sabrina: "Ah! Estum amer i lingi _______."
Pedro: "Kvas estut _______ in Paris?"
Sabrina: "Estum _______ multi musei, u tur d'Eiffel y ____ atrakzoni d'_______. Y estut? ____ estut fabrizer in Paris?"
Pedro: "Estum visiter multi restoranti y ____ d'Paris. Estut ______ un kafu o un ___?"
Sabrina: "Estum! ______ estut guster?"
Pedro: "Café d'Espagne!"

Vorti novis - New words
Espanu - Spain
Espanus - Spanish (language)
plazer - sit
kvor-a - where to
solu - sun
guster - like
kvanti - how many
amer - love
fabrizer - do
Germanu - Germany
Germanus - German (language)
estut - you are
otri - other(s)
kafi - cafes/coffees
parku - park
visiter - visit
lingi - languages
kvas - what
estum - I am
turismu - tourism
jus - juice
ku - who
parler - speak
kvel - which
romanis - romanic
n'estum - I am not

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