Lingi in Europu | Languages in Europe | Langues en Europe

EUL Tam e multi lingi in Europu. 
ESO Estas multaj lingvoj en Eŭropo.
ENG There are many languages in Europe.
FRA Il ya beaucoup de langues en Europe.
DEU Es gibt viele Sprachen in Europa.
POL Istnieje wiele języków w Europie.
DAN Der er mange sprog i Europa.
ITA Ci sono molte lingue in Europa.
ESP Hay muchos idiomas de Europa.
RUS Есть много языков в Европе/Yest mnogo yazykov v Yevrope.
UKR Є багато мов в Європі/Ye bahato mov v Yevropi.

We have plenty of different, historic and beautiful languages in Europe which add this exceptional flavour to our continent and which make it so special.

Eulingu itself is based mainly on the Romance, Germanic and Slavic languages but also includes and gets inspired by elements of 'minor' - but by no means less important - European languages in order to keep etymology alive within European culture.

Tam e - There is/are, based on Slavic 'там'
multi lingi - many languages, mult + -i ling + -i (with '-i' representing the plural)
in Europu - in 'neuter' Europe, in Europ + -u

Kes tu pense? Qué te parece? What do you think? Qu'en pensez-tu? Was denkst du?

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