Li tri tempi | The three tenses | Les trois temps

Mi use nur tri tempi in Eulingu a komunize kon otri populi: lu pasu (the past tense), lu presu (the present tense) i lu volu (the future tense)

Lu pasu - ete/nete
A deskribe un aktu kel pasete in lu pasu mi use lu tempu 'pasu'. A kre lu tempu 'pasu' mi ade lu finu '-ete' a lu verbu. 

Viktoro skribete un kartu (du postu) al Paskalo - Victor wrote a post card to Pascal

Lu presu - e/ne
In majoru du tagu mi use lu tempu du 'presu' kel mi konstrue kon un sufiksu simplus '-e'.

Mikalo i Marko parle lu lingu italus - Michael and Marc speak the Italian language.

Lu volu - ele/nele
A eksprese mi desiri kel pase in lu futuru mi use lu tempu du 'volu' i lu finu 'ele'.

Yana bevele un tasu du kafu - Jana will/wants to drink a cup of coffee

Uni eksempli
Pablo smile al Kara - Pablo smiles at Cara
Mi usele lu treno - We will/want to use the train
Lu pintu ne pinteten do Picasso - The painting was not painted by Picasso
Si parle lu lingu polskus - They speak the polish language
Olga i Andro tanzele un tanzu rapidus - Olga and Andrew will/want to dance a quick dance
Katya bevete un glasu du vinu blankus - Katja drank a glass of white wine

Kes tu pense? What do you think? Was denkst du? Qué te parece? Qu'en pensez-tu? Co o tym sądzisz? Что ты думаешь?

© 2016 Eulingu

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