Lu fantomu d'operu | The phantom of the Opera

EUL Cu seru en vade a vide lu musikalu 'lu fantomu d'operu' do lo komposero britos Andrew Lloyd Webber in un teatru grandus du Hamburg.
ENG This evening we are going to see the musical 'The phantom of the Opera' by the British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber in 'one of the great theatres' of Hamburg.
DEU Heute/diesen Abend werden wir das Musical 'Das Phantom der Oper' des britischen Komponisten Andrew Lloyd Webber in einem großartigen Theater Hamburgs sehen.

Hamburg is most definitely the German capital of musicals. As always there is not enough time to explore all offers, so we opted for the most famous one, the 'Phantom of the Opera' (= lu fantomu du (lu)/d'operu). We are going to see (= en/estun vade a vide) that 'particular' musical this evening (= cu seru), a musical by the 'male' British composer (= do lo komposero britos) Andrew Lloyd Webber in a 'grand' theatre (= in un teatru grandus). On arrival, naturally, we will have a bottle of champagne, some caviar and a lovely banter with our dear friends and actors.

Kes estut faze cu seru? What do you do/face this evening? Was machst du heute abend?

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