In cu vakanzu | In these holidays

EUL In cu vakanzu en fare kon nu karu a lagu da Bolsena in Italu.
ENG In these holidays we drive with our car to the lake of Bolsena in Italy.
DEU In diesem Urlaub fahren wir mit unserem Auto (unserer Karre) an den Bolsena See in Italien.

This is another example how to include 'cu/ci/ca/co' in our daily conversation, this time when talking about taking vacation and the selected transport and destination. As you can see we opted for the original Italian term 'Bolsena' (instead of the adapted 'Bolsenu' in Eulingu) and transformed the associated 'd-' (of) into 'da' in order to keep consistency with the final '-a' in 'Bolsena'.

Kes estut pense? Qué te parece? What do you think? Qu'en pensez-vous? Was denkst du? 

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