Kem a frage in Eulingu?

In order to add some more "konsistenzu" within Eulingu we have decided to use the "ke" structure when creating question words where action is involved (as the suffix "-e" implies movement of some kind) and "ku/ka/ko/ki" where people are addressed.

Kes - What
Kel - Which/who
Ker - Where
Kem - How
Kem multu - How much
Kem multi - How many
Ken - When
Por kes? - Why/What for

Uni eksempli:
Kes es? - What is this/that/it?
Kem multi lingi estut parle? - How many languages do you speak?
Kem multu es? - How much is it/does it cost?
Kem estut? - How are you?
Ken esti arive in zentru? - When do they arrive in the (city) centre?

Ku/ka/ko - Who (sgl)
Ki - Who (pl)
Kum - Whom

Uni eksempli:
Ku es? - Who is this 'gender unknown' person?
Ku es posesur d'batu? - Who is the owner of the boat?
Ka esta? - Who is she?
Ko esto? - Who is he?
Ki esti? - Who are they?
Kum estun done ni moneti? - Whom do we give our money?

© 2012 Amiki d'Eulingu
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