Franzu elekte un presidentu novus

Paris. A soltagu Franzu veru vade a elekte un presidentu novus in rondu primus d'elektu 2012. A presentu es un kombatu d'Nicolas Sarkozy i d'Francois Hollande kel posese un advanzu petitus in resulti primis. 

Por mori deteli d'elektu 2012 d'Franzu visite France24, merci!

Vorti novis
Franzu - France
a elekte - to elect
un presidentu novus - a new 'gender unknown' president
a soltagu - on Sunday
veru vade - (it/she) was going/did go
in rondu primus - in (the) first round
d'elektu 2012 - of the 2012 election
a presentu - at present
es un kombatu - it is a battle
d'Nicolas Sarkozy i d'Francois Hollande - of Nicolas Sarkozy and of Francois Hollande
kel posese un advanzu petitus - which/who possesses a small advantage
in resulti primis - in the first results
por mori deteli - for more details
a visite - to visit

© 2012 Amiki d'Eulingu

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