A debut - At the start

How to say "at the start" or "at the beginning" in Eulingu? I guess it could be as simple as "a debut" reflecting the French approach "au début"...I admire the simplicity and the vowel "u" in "debut" which makes it easy to "eulingunise" the term "début".

And how to we say "in the end" or "at the end"? Let's follow the same approach this time with "a" (to/at) and French "fin" (à la fin) which results in "a finu" => A debut estun beve vinu blankus i a finu estun beve multi kafi negris - At the beginning we drink white wine and at/in the end we drink many black coffees.

Also, to go into more detail:
Komenzu = Start
Debut = Debut/where things start
Genesu = Origin, beginning, Genesis

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