Tri parti d'Eulingu - The three parts of Eulingu

In a way Eulingu can be split into 3 parts:

Skolilingu: Strictly ruled by our brain (School language)
Tagilingu: Ruled by our "gut feeling" adding herbs & spices to our language meal (Day2Day Language)
Slangu: Wherever our feet carry us (Slang)

Un eksemplu:

Skolilingu: Estum bever un tasu d'kafu i manger un panu kon buru - I drink a cup of coffee and eat a bread with butter.
Tagilingu: Em bever un tas d'kafu i manger un pan kon bur.
Slangu: M bev tas kaf i mang burpan.

© 2012 Amiki d'Eulingu


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