U basu d'gramatiku d'Eulingu

Europu. Thanks to great feedback on our Eulingu page on Facebook and on Twitter (let's call it the "Doroffect") we have decided to build our own Grammar blog which you can find here at: eurolanguage-grammar.blogspot.com. Hurray!

It is actually very helpful to put something like this together (to get a better and more objective view at your own language project) as people obviously feel that our main blog is not self-explanatory enough to deal with the different aspects of Eulingu. 

As you can see, we are thankful for your comments and do not hesitate to put your great ideas into action, simply as we see the development of Eulingu as a common effort by the people and citizens of Europe (and you are one of them) which is essential to the success of this new "common language". So again, thanks to everyone who has contributed so far and will be in the future...very much appreciated...multi danki, tu amiku d'Eulingu! :-)

© 2011 Amiki d'Eulingu
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