Relakser kon mu gitaru

Arne relakser kon su gitaru  
EU Estum konsumer un tasu d'kafu y un potu d'poridzu. In futur, estum relakser y musizer kon mu gitaru.
EN I consume a cup of coffee and a pot of porridge. Later (lit. "in (the) future") I relax and play music with my guitar.
DE Ich konsumiere eine Tasse Kaffee und einen Teller Porridge. Spaeter relaxe ich und musiziere mit meiner Gitarre.

About the conversation
This example is pretty straight forward. You describe, how you sit down at your kitchen table or in your couch in the living room with a nice cup of coffee and a delicious bowl of porridge. Once you are finished with your dish, you turn to your guitar and play a few chords to relax yourself.

Nevertheless, while the eating and drinking part explains itself, we have a closer look at the second sentence, especially at the construct "in futur".

Tri tensi
Eulingu's aim is to appear as simple and as recognizable as possible. Therefore we use simple phrases and expressions to describe the "momentum". Eulingu only consists of three tenses: the past, the present and the futur. This seems sufficient enough to give an adequate picture of your current situation.

Uni eksempli d'tensi
If one describes a situation in the past, we simply say: "In pastu, pastum visiter Italy" ("In (the) past, I visited Italy"). If one focuses on the present tense, we would say: "In momentu, estum visiter un biblioteku" ("At (the) moment, I am visiting a library") and if one is referring to the future, we would respond: "In futur, estum visiter Paris" ("In (the) future, I am going to visit Paris").

While we use "estum visiter" in both present tense and future tense, we settle in the past tense with "pastum visiter". This is definitely not concrete, but unless we find a better solution, we keep it that way. ;-)

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