Eulingu - Where to start and where to go

'Eulingu shall start at the lowest common ground of European languages', says Arne Duering, 'and then work its way up to transform and develop into a proper recognizable language. During this process it shall show the utmost respect for the different European languages and cultures which hopefully will all be reflected in the final structure.'

With this "bottom up" approach Eulingu hopes to attract as many supporters as possible, either as loyal but critical advocates or as solid contributors operating within the "Amiki d'Eulingu" network.

The "Friends of Eulingu" were introduced as the information gathering community and act further as the developing, monitoring and guiding body of the Open Source Artificial Language (OSAL) project.

'The "amiki" need feedback such as comments on blog posts, on Facebook or on Twitter', explains Arne Duering, 'in order to move forward and in order to get the approval stamp from the people of Europe.'

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