Kombinazoni d'stemu "parl"

d'Micki Marbh. Esti multi kombinazoni d'stemu "parl" y estum demonstrer kum a krer esti in Eulingu. Estu simplus y estut obtener rapides un senzu primus por lingu.

U parlu - the speech
I parli - the speeches

(A) parler [a pa:'le:] - (to) speak (both verb and infinitive)
U parleru - the speaking (gerund)
Parlizer! [pa'li:'se:] - Speak! (imperative)

Un parlor - a (gender free) speaker
Una parlora - a (female) speaker
Uno parloro - a (male) speaker
Uni parlori - A few (gender free) speakers
Uni parlorai - A few (female) speakers
Uni parloroi - A few (male) speakers

In parlmentu - in (the) parliament

Un serpentu parlus - a speaking snake (adjective)
U vortu parlud - the spoken word
I vorti parlid - the spoken words

Esto pinter parles - he paints speaking/while speaking (adverb)

As you can see...
Eulingu works well with affixes (mainly suffixes) and depending on the suffix we can easily determine what the text or the speaker is telling us. It is logical in its approach and gives new speakers the possibility to go out and "create" their own first words and sentences in Eulingu.

If you go back to the top you see the sentence "estu simplus y estut obtener rapides un senzu primus por lingu", I guess now you will be able to understand what was said? "It is simple and you obtain quickly a first sense for (the) language".

Have a go...
Simply pick a word which comes to your head, break it down and use the stem of the word to see if you can form sentences. Let us know how you get on...either by posting on this blog or in our facebook group, danku!

Por favoru, poster un komentu in estu blogu, in grup d'facebook y/o skriber un e-postu a eurolanguage@gmail.com!

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