J'est/Estam eksplanir - I explain

Esto uno belos bambino - He is a lovely child
I libri sont multi interesantis - The books are very interesting
Est mano poveros - The man is poor
Est remanir fema elegantas in kafu "Paris" in zentru d'Londru - The elegant woman stays/is staying/remains/is remaining in the cafe "Paris" in the centre of London
Monika est jugir tenisu kon Marko in klub d'tenisu - Monica and Marc are playing tennis in the tennis club
Karla y Brita sont posir un apartmentu belus - Carla and Britta own a lovely apartment
J'est/Estam eksplanir libru novus d'Robert Harris a Karlo - I explain the new book of Robert Harris to Karl/Carl(os)

Estam eksplanir - I explain
As you can see there are multiple ways to express a situation in Eulingu. A form of the verbs "est/sont" can be placed at the beginning, the middle or the end of a sentence, the same applies to subject, adjective/adverb and object.

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