Lu veru | The truth | Die Wahrheit

Mi espere in le parle, le skribe i le vide du veru ken komunize kon otri populi a kre un statu du fidu

Lu vortu du tagu i lu vortu primus du anu 2017 e 'veru' kel reflekte 'truth' in lingu anglus, 'Wahrheit' in lingu germanus, 'vérité' in lingu franzus, 'verità' in lingu italus, 'verdad' in lingu spanus, 'sandhed' in lingu danus, 'prawda' in lingu polus, 'истина' in lingu bulgarus (o 'istina' in lingu bosnus), 'αλήθεια' in lingu grekus i 'vero' in lingu Esperanto.

Let us hope that we all find a way back - in the year 2017 and the years to come - to turn around and to get back to facts and the truth when communicating with each other through speech, writing and broadcasting.

The year 2016 has demonstrated - in sometimes horrific ways and under the strangest circumstances - what misinformation (aka 'fake news') can do to the basic life of millions of people but also to the credibility of governments and political parties, right to the questioning of projects (such as the European Union) and even to the hijacking of elections.

We need to take back control of the distribution of valid information so that we are able to build trust again...starting now!

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