Gramatiku | Futur II

EUL Cu seru la fema belas Maria vada veste un robu elegantus a teatru
ENG This evening the beautiful woman Maria (she) is going to wear an elegant dress at the theatre
DEU Diesen Abend die schöne Frau Maria (sie) wird ein elegantes Kleid zum Theater tragen

This is a quick example how the language works in the 'Futur II' (what is actually going to happen) rather than the 'Futur I' (what we wish for). We use a variation of 'vad-' (going to) and apply the correct suffix, in this case we have the gorgeous female Maria and therefore opt for the female suffix '-a', ending up with 'vada' (she is going to) and 'vada veste' (she is going to wear).

Kes pense-tu? Qué te parece? What do you think? Qu'en pensez-tu? Was denkst du?

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