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busuu.com is an innovative online community for learning languages. We have personally suffered from the traditional way to learn a new language which we always found expensive, difficult and boring.

Therefore, we decided to create a new concept of language learning by offering you the following advantages:

Learn from native speakers: Learn directly from native speakers of the busuu.com community via our integrated video-chat application! By doing so you can practice your language skills in a live conversation. 

Learn with our material: We have prepared over 150 learning units covering diverse topic areas and grammar units covering the most important grammar points! The content is image and sound-based.

Learn for free: busuu.com can be used completely for free! However, you have the option to pay a minimal monthly fee to become a Premium Member. With that Premium Membership you gain access to additional functionalities and more material.

About the founders
Adrian (39), Co-Founder: He is from Liechtenstein, an impressively small country in the heart of the European Alps. A native speaker of the lovely Schweizerdeutsch, he is fluent in German, English and French and is also struggling valiantly to improve his Spanish.

Bernhard (34), Co-Founder: He was born in the beautiful city of Vienna in Austria, famous for valse (Walzer) and Sachertorte. His native tongue is the charming accent of Viennese German and he is fluent in English and Spanish. He´s still working on his (Brazilian) Portuguese and will keep you updated about his progress.

About Busuu
Busuu is a language spoken in Cameroon - based on an ethnological study conducted in the 80ies, apparently only eight people are able to speak this language. If you happen to know one of these people or know more about the Busuu culture, please let us know under info[@]busuu.com.

We have the dream to contribute to the diversity of languages all over the world – therefore we will continuously extend the languages offered at our website...and maybe one day, you might even find the possibility to learn Busuu throughout our website.

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