Eulingu in a nutshell

EUL Lara esta una fema belas i Marko esto uno viro dobros.
ENG Lara (she) is a beautiful woman and Marc (he) is a good man.
DEU Lara (sie) ist eine schöne Frau und Mark (er) ist ein guter Mann.

In order to achieve a 'simple solution' for an 'artificial language' you sometimes need to go a long way. Eulingu is definitely not a 'one night stand' and structure, inventory & grammar did not come easy.

We focus on our three principles 'simplicity', 'flexibility' and 'identification' in order to promote our language project among Europeans and include (as a first step) the three major European branches of Germanic, Romance and Slavic languages (lingi germanis, romanis i slavis) in the development of Eulingu.

The sentence 'Lara esta una fema belas i Marko esto uno viro dobros' obviously is the result of our efforts. We do not think that Eulingu is the most appealing language around, but we are convinced of its simplicity and 'ease of use'.

Looking at 'Lara esta una fema belas' (Lara is a beautiful woman) and 'Marko esto uno viro dobros' (Marc is a good man) will give us enough indication how to 'grab' the language. What we actually read is 'Lara SHE is a beautiful woman' and 'Marc HE is a good man'. Does the additional 'she' and 'he' upset us? Not really, as soon as we get used to the principle (isn't there something similar in the Spanish language?) which includes tense (est = present) and gender (-a/-o). There are a lot of '-a' involved when it comes to 'fema' (woman) and equally plenty of '-o' when it comes to 'viro' (man). And yes, 'quality' is indicated by the final '-s' ('belas' and 'dobros').

So, let's hope that the gorgeous Lara and the devoted Marc meet in some place to discuss and enjoy further engagements. :-)

Kes estut pense? Qué te parece? What do you think? Qu'en pensez-vous? Was denkst du? 

© 2013 Amiki d'Eulingu
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