Li avi - The birds

EUL A seru estun vise lu filmu 'Li avi' d'Alfred Hitchcock.
ENG This evening we watch the movie 'The birds' by Alfred Hitchcock.
DEU Heute abend schauen wir den Film 'Die Vögel' von Alfred Hitchcock.
The Birds is a 1963 suspense/horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, loosely based on the 1952 story "The Birds" by Daphne du Maurier. It depicts Bodega Bay, California, which is, suddenly and for unexplained reasons, the subject of a series of widespread and violent bird attacks over the course of a few days.
The film was billed as 'introducing' Tippi Hedren. It also starred Rod Taylor, Jessica Tandy, Suzanne Pleshette and a young Veronica Cartwright.
The screenplay was written by Evan Hunter. Hitchcock told him to develop new characters and a more elaborate plot, keeping Du Maurier's title and concept of unexplained bird attacks.
Verut vise lu filmu? Have you seen the movie? Hast du den Film gesehen?
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