Fum negrus - Black smoke

EUL Fum negrus as un result d'votu d'konklavu in Vatikanu.
ENG Black smoke as a result of the vote of the conclave in the Vatican.
DEU Schwarzer Rauch als (ein) Resultat der Wahl der Konklave im Vatikan.

Despite the importance of selecting a new pope leading the catholic faith, we like to focus - for a second - our worldly eyes on the 'neuter -u'. Consistency plays a crucial part in the development of Eulingu, but - of course - we do not want to overdo it:

Therefore 'fum' and 'result' only carry one 'u', as the final syllable already consists of a 'u'. It is a different story with 'votu', 'konklavu' and 'Vatikanu'.

Kes estut pense? Qué te parece? What do you think? Qu'en pensez-vous? Was denkst du?

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