Li lingi europis - The European languages

EUL Estun guste multes li multi lingi europis.
ENG We very much like the many European languages.
DEU Wir mögen die vielen europäischen Sprachen sehr gerne.
Apart from our passion for European languages we like to focus on the structure of the above 'sentenzu' in Eulingu. Partly the active 'estun guste' (we like), but more importantly on both variations of 'mult-' (plural), once the quality adverb 'multes' (very much) but also the quantity adjective 'multi' (many).

Both align beautifully with their associated and respective counterparts, 'multes' with 'guste' (just watch the elegant active 'e') and 'multi' with 'lingi' (keep an eye on that foxy plural 'i'), while following Eulingu's structure of 'kvantitu-termu-kvalitu'.

Finally, comparing the length of all three sentences, Eulingu wins by a mile...offering clarity, simplicity and efficiency at the same time.
Kes estut pense? Qué te parece? What do you think? Qu'en pensez-vous? Was denkst du?
© 2013 Amiki d'Eulingu

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