Anka visite Paskalo - Anka visits Pascal

EUL Anka parle kon so amiko dobros Paskalo kel visite-sa in un kafu trendus.
ENG Anka chats with her good friend Pascal who visits her in a trendy cafe.
DEU Anka spricht mit ihrem guten Freund Paskal, der sie in einem trendy Cafe besucht.
There are two things we like to highlight in the above sentence. Part I, the consistency of the final vowel 'o' in 'so amiko dobros Paskalo'. As 'Paskalo' is masculine (-o), all related words (s- amik- dobr-s) correspond in a similar way.
Part II, the compound 'visite-sa' and why we need a hyphen. The actual structure would be 'visite sa amika' but we skip the 'amika' and align 'sa' with the active 'visite' through the hyphen (so is does not feel lonely and left out).
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