A matinu - In the morning

EUL A matinu em manje un panu krispus kon bur i marmeladu i beve un tasu d'teu irus.
ENG In the morning I eat a crispy bread roll with butter and jam and drink a cup of Irish tea.
DEU Am Morgen esse ich ein knuspriges Brötchen mit Butter und Marmelade und trinke eine Tasse irischen Tees.
Nothing beats a proper breakfast in the morning ('a matinu') before we set out to do 'some damage' in the rest of the day. We have opted for a freshly baked bread roll ('un panu krispus'), together with butter and jam ('bur i marmeladu') and a nice cup of Irish tea ('un tasu d'teu irus'), feel free to add a little 'uisce beatha' if on vacation.
The two verbs 'manje' ('eat') and 'beve' ('drink') both carry the active '-e'. While 'manje' is modelled on French 'manger' and Italian 'mangiare' (although we exchanged the 'g' for a 'j' [dʒ] due to our 'reglu' of 'sound over spelling'), the second action 'beve' finds its reflection in English 'beverage', Spanish/Portuguese 'beber' and Italian 'bevuta'.  
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