Un performu d'teatru in Paris

EUL  A seru Sara i Paskalo atende un performu d'teatru in Paris.
ENG This evening Sarah and Pascal attend a theatre performance in Paris.
FRA Ce soir, Sarah et Pascal vont voir une performance théâtrale.
DEU Heute abend besuchen Sarah und Pascal eine Theatervorstellung/-performance in Paris.
While "seru" is modelled on the Romance languages (ESP sera, FRA soir), "Sara i Paskalo" reflect the femine ending "-a" (Sara), the masculine ending "-o" (Paskalo) and the plural (1+1) which is expressed in "i" (and). Also, in this case we have chosen "atende" in alliance with the ENG expression "attend a theatre performance" (of course other variations such as "visite un performu d'teatru" are appreciated). The word "performance" itself is reflected as "performu", taking the initial root "perform" and adding the "neuter" ending "-u" (performu). In order to avoid structures like "teatru performu" and to opt for more clarity we use the genetive "a performance of theatre" (un performu d'teatru) and simply select Paris as the place where the magic is happening (in Paris).
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