Eulingu - Li strukturi i lu gramatiku

EUL Li strukturi i lu gramatiku d'Eulingu.
ENG The structures and the grammar of Eulingu.
DEU Die Strukturen und die Grammatik von Eulingu.
Should be basic and straight forward: Words ending in -u are considered "neuter" (lu tablu-the table, lu avu-the bird, lu stratu-the steet, lu developu-the development), words ending in -i indicate plural (li tabli-the tables, li avi-the birds, li strati-the streets, uni lingi-several languages), words with endings -a and -o represent either a female or a male person (esta-she is, esto-he is, una fema-a woman, uno viro-a man) and finally words with the ending -e reflect action (estun parle-we speak/are speaking, le develope-the developing).
Apart from that you only need to learn the "tense indicators" and - of course - the inventory. :-)

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