Uni juveli in mu kronu

EUL Em posese un kronu. Tam esti uni juveli in mu kronu. Es lu kronu in un kapelu antikus.
ENG I possess a crown. There are several juwels in my crown. The crown is in an old chapel.
DEU Ich besitze eine Krone. Da sind einige Juwelen in meiner Krone. Die Krone ist in einer alten Kapelle.
As you can see we have chosen the Russian term "там" to reflect "there" in Eulingu. Now it is easy to build "konstrukti" such as "there is Sara" with "tam esta Sara". The above example is a bit more complex as it refers to the English model "there is/are" in order to express the existence of certain things/people, e.g. "tam esti tri populi in lu domu" which translates as "there are three people in the house".

The term "tam" works perfectly in all 3 tense scenarios, the past, the present and the future. If you want to look back and regret the loss of a certain amount of money over the weekend, you can do so by saying "a finu d'semanu tam veri 200 euri in mu poketu...mas nun tam esti 5" (at the weekend there were 200 euros in my pocket...but now there are 5).

Kes estut pense? Qué te parece? What do you think? Was denkst du?
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