Gramatiku - The letter "e" it is :-)

A person doing something has the suffix "-eru/eri" (neuter), "-era/erai" (female) or "-ero/eroi" (male), e.g.:

EUL Es mu amiku un skriberu. Multi d'mi amiki esti skriberi.
ENG My 'neuter' friend (it) is a writer. Many of my 'neuter' friends (they) are 'neuter' writers.
DEU Mein 'sächlicher' Freund (er) ist ein 'sächlicher' Schreiber/Schriftsteller. Viele meiner 'sächlichen' Freunde (sie) sind 'sächliche' Schreiber/Schriftsteller.

EUL Esta ma amika una skribera.
ENG My 'female' friend (she) is a 'female' writer.
DEU Meine Freundin (sie) ist eine Schreiberin/Schriftstellerin.

An act of something has the suffix "-e" and is preceded by "le" (or similar me, te, se etc.), e.g.:

EUL Esta Sara i esta una aktera. Esta akte in un teatru petitus in l'urb d'London.
ENG This is Sara and she is an actress. She acts/plays in a small theatre in the city of London.
DEU Sie/das ist Sarah und sie ist eine Akteurin/Schauspielerin. Sie agiert/spielt in einem kleinen Theater in der Stadt London.

EUL Esta Tara, esta una skribera. Em guste se skribe i su libru novus.
ENG She/this is Tara, she is a 'female' writer. I like her writing (style) and her latest book.
DEU Sie/das ist Tara, sie ist eine Schreiberin/Schriftstellerin. Ich mag ihr Schreiben/ihren Schreibstil und ihr neustes Buch.

Eulingu is defined by its suffixes which make it easy to recognise and to identify 'neuter' (-u), 'female' (-a) or 'male' (-o) nouns. The plural is created with '-i' (neuter), '-ai' (female) or '-oi' (male). Nevertheless, in Slangu (Eulingu Slang) the ending '-ai' or '-oi' is replaced by a simple '-i', e.g. 'li femi' (the women). Everything related to 'action' uses the suffix '-e' (le skribe - the writing, esta skribe - she writes/is writing). Quality (adverb/adjective) is added through a final '-s' (esta skribe rapides - she writes/is writing fast, le skribe rapides d'Pero- the fast writing of Pero, un vehiklu rapidus - a fast car/vehicle, uno amiko grandos - a great 'male' friend, una fema petitas - a small woman, tri viri italis - three Italian men).
Kes estut pense? What do you think? Was denkst du?

© 2012 Amiki d'Eulingu


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