Su festu - Her party

EUL Esta invite-tu i Pero a su festu.
ENG She is inviting/invites you and Pero to her party.
DEU Sie laedt dich und Pero zu ihrem Fest/ihrer Party ein.

There are three things we like to highlight in this sentence, first "esta" (she is) and "Pero". While the ending "-a" basically indicates "female" in Eulingu, the suffix "-o" in "Pero" indicates a male person. Secondly, the verb "invite" is pronounced [in'vi'te] and not [in'va'it] as one might assume (based on the English pronunciation). And finally, the word "su festu" does not mean "his party" but "her party" as "she" is the "acting" part and not Pero (being on the receiving end does not allow you to dictate "terms"). If - for some strange reason - she needed to invite you & Pero to "his" party one could always use the shortcut "esta invite-tu i Pero a festu d'Pero". :-)

I in tu lingu? And in you language? Und in deiner Sprache?

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