Lu finu es lu finu

EUL I kes es lu kredu? Lu kredu est lu finu es lu finu.
ENG And what is the credo? The credo is that the end is the end.
DEU Und was ist das Kredo? Das Kredo ist, dass das Ende das Ende ist.

While "es" is an abbreviation of "estu" (=it is), the term "est" is - surprisingly - an abbreviation of "estu" as well, but in this case meaning "is that". In general, abbreviations are part of "Slangu" (=Eulingu slang), the "day-2-day" spoken and written Eulingu. Slangu terms will vary by country, group and individual.

So, the above sentence in Slangu could easily be (dropping the "t" in "est"):

I kes es lu kredu? Lu kredu es lu finu es lu finu.

Slangu is our way of making Eulingu more accessible to the wider audience and to give it some "spice". It is a step forward between the Eulingu of today and the Eulingu of tomorrow, which has its roots in a structured "main language" and acts as a "common" one being able to adapt and to move quickly in a fast past environment and a vast community of artificial languages.

Kes estut pense? What do you think? Was denkst du?

© 2012 Amiki d'Eulingu
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