Disolve un reglu - Break a rule - Eine Regel brechen

EUL A disolve un reglu estut kre primes un reglu. 
ENG In order to break a rule you need to create it first.
DEU Um eine Regel zu brechen, muss man sie erst kreieren.

Just a little thought we had yesterday, but we guess it applies to our little project here as well. Eulingu, when it's fully developed - well, in a way even now - will have a certain structure, grammar and inventory. It might appear too strict, too lifeless and maybe lacks spirit. Well, then it is "our responsibility" to spice it up a little by "breaking the rule".

Which is something we already do, e.g. replacing "estum" (I am) with "em" or "estu/esti" (it is/they are) with a simple "es". But, when asked how we ended up with "em" or "es" we can always go back to our "roots" and explain. 

That is why we need a sound and waterproof language first. :-)

© 2012 Amiki d'Eulingu
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