"Y" to "I"

Going forward we have changed "y" (and) to "i", "o" (or) remains the same, so:

-If you wanted to combine two words or sentences in Eulingu with the word "and", you can do so by using "i" [i:]: Marta i Marko bever kafu i (esti) leser un magazinu - Marta and Marco drink coffee and (they) read a magazine

-If you leave the option of "and/or" you simply use "i/o": Estut skriber un letru i/o un kartu? - Do you write a letter and/or a (post) card? Estut telefoner kon Marta i/o skriber un letru? - Do you phone Marta and/or (do you) write a letter?

-If you needed a clear answer go for "o": Estut guster kafu o biru? - Do you like coffee or beer?

Let us know what you think! :-)

© 2012 Amiki d'Eulingu
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