Eulingu - The definite & indefinite articles

Eulingu. As many European languages, Eulingu differentiates between the "definite" and "indefinite" articles, which are reflected as "lu/li/la/lo" and/or "un/uni/una/uno". While the indefinite articles are used quite often, the main purpose of the definite articles is simply "to emphasize".

In addition Eulingu offers "estu/esti/esta/esto", which can be translated as "this/these/this (female)/this male (male)". Yes, those are used for "this is/these are/she is/he is" as well, but you can easily distinguish between both options.

So, let's have a look at some examples:

lu amiku - the 'genderless' friend
li amiki - the 'genderless' friends
la amika/l'amika - the 'female' friend
lo amiko - the 'male' friend
li amikai - the 'female' friends
li amikoi - the 'male' friends
Esta guster vinu - She likes wine (in general)
Esta guster lu vinu espanus - She likes Spanish wine (emphasis)

un orkestru - an orchestra
uni eksempli - a few/some examples
una artista - a 'female' artist
uno artisto - a 'male' artist

Estu un steku, Marko guster estu steku - This/that is a steak, Marc likes this/that steak
Esti uni libri, estun leser esti libri - These/those are some books, we read these/those books
Esta una fema belas, estut amer esta fema - She is a beautiful woman, you love this/that woman
Esto uno artisto grandos y Lisa adorer esto artisto - He is a great 'male' artist and Lisa adores this/that 'male' artist

© 2012 Amiki d'Eulingu


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