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"Eulingu is an attempt 'a blender' all different cultures, languages and traditions etc. of Europe together in one unified tongue..."

"The invention of blogs and blogging - in particular Blogger - was essential for the development of Eulingu as it not only enabled us to collect and store information in a one-stop-shop but also to transport messages to a wider audience. Also, with the creation of Twitter and Facebook we are now able to present this development even further...and even interact with our community and be able to receive their feedback and comments...absolutely vital for our adaption in Europe..."

"Kum a integrer u vibu d'vebu 2.0 y internetu in developmentu d'Eulingu? Kon u studeru d'libru 'i stori d'Facebook, YouTube y MySpace...' d'skribura y reportura amerikas Sarah Lucy estun realiser estun depender d'sympatiku y d'suportu d'populi d'Europu y d'basu d'netverku sozialus in partikularu Twitter y Facebook a ..."

"In order to stay at the top of the game and being innovative we need to embrace the web 2.0 movement and its ways of communication...a movement which is strong and organised enough to initiate the "Arab Spring" and to embrace similar political agendas and uprisings is too powerful to be ignored in the long run...obviously, old ways of communication have has politics...and people are looking for new ways of interacting with each other...despite and beyond borders, limitations and restrictions...Eulingu has always been an Open Source Artificial Language (OSAL) project and has built its base from the web 2.0 audience and movement..."

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