Esta abler a skriber un letru a-mu

EU Esta abler a skriber un letru a-mu
[e:s'ta: a:'ble: a: skri:'be: u:n le:'tru: a: mu:]
EN She is able to write (me) a letter (to me)
DE Sie ist fähig (=hat die Möglichkeit), (mir) einen Brief (zu mir) zu schreiben

From this "eksemplu" you can see it is easy to include the stem "abl" (able) in our sentence in order to express the "abilitu" of someone or something. By adding the suffix "-er", we turn the stem into the verb "to be able" and further "esta abler" into "she is able". The verb "a skriber" (to write) gives us more indication of what "she is able to do", so "esta abler a skriber" means "she is able to write". The object "un letru" (a letter) defines the accusative and "what" she is able to write, and finally "a-mu" gives us a hint of where the letter is going to, "to me". Remember, we use the hyphen "-" between "a" and "mu" as the possessive pronoun "mu" is not followed by a substantive or noun such as "personu", in which case we would drop the hyphen.

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