Why does Eulingu work?

by Micki Marbh. Eulingu is a language project (since ~2005) which derives from several European languages such as the Romanic, the Germanic and the Slavic string but also from Latin and Greek. It shows the utmost respect for those languages and its speakers and includes their "vibe" in its development. Eulingu also reflects cultural elements and European "diversity". Therefore the three main ingredients for Eulingu need to be "simplicity, flexibiliy and identification".

Simplicity (simplizitu)
Eulingu always aims at creating the simplest and easiest solution in order to provide speakers with quick results and understanding.

Flexibility (fleksibilitu)
Eulingu allows for more than one solution if we cannot identify the "lowest common factor". Therefore we offer more than one suggestion, particularly when it comes to the creation of new words (neologismi).

Identification (identifikazonu)
Eulingu derives from the main languages of Europe and therefore every European can identify with it at once. Identification goes well with integration and therefore we are hopeful that one day Eulingu will become "the main European language". We regard Eulingu as an OSAL (Open Source Artificial Language) which is "created, approved and adapted by the people of Europe".

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