Dublin. Estu Arne Duering lo editoro d'blogu novus Jurnalu d'Europu. In presentu, esto habitir in Dublin/Iru.

Qvus est Eulingu?
Arne: "Estu Eulingu un produktu y resultu d'multi eksperimenti kon lingi diferentis. Dar lingu d'artu Duirún as un lingu primus in 1982 qv'est eqvipirdt kon gramatiku y vokabularu y vordi novis but primitivis. In presentu, est konzipirdt Eulingu as un lingu qv'est asistir populi d'Europu a komunizir in un lingu. Estu Eulingu un lingu d'artu por Europu qv'est parlirdt sus populi europis. Est derivir Eulingu ab lingi separatis d'Europu y ab multi lingi artis, i.e. Esperanto, Interlingua y Lingua Eurana. Estu desiru d'Eulingu, as lingu d'artu Esperanto, a kreir un atmosferu d'unitu y akzeptanzu. Est vitalus por Eulingu a komunizir kon multi kategori relevantis d'populi europis."

Qvus est strukturu in Eulingu?
Arne: "In presentu, n'est strukturu direktus in Eulingu as estu Eulingu un OSAL qv'est developirdt d'populi europis. Paralelu, est fungir Skolu d'Eulingu as un korpu d'Akademu d'Eulingu (ADE) kon funkzonu a supervisir y a developir un "strukturu unikus" por Eulingu."

Qvus est OSAL?
Arne: "Estu OSAL un abrevazonu d'Open Source Artificial Language qv'est permitir populi europis a kontribuir a developmentu d'lingu."

Qvus estud pensir sur lingu d'artu Esperanto?
Arne: "Qvus estam pensir sur Esperanto? Un qveszonu delikatus! Bonus, estu Esperanto un eksperimentu d'lingu artus d'Ludwik Łazarz Zamenhof in anu 1887, qvun esto publizir t'libru "Unua Libro" kon pseudonymu Doktoro Esperanto. Habam multu respektu por mastro Zamenhof y lingu Esperanto as un eksperimentu bonus, grandus y elegantus a unir lingi y humani d'mundu."

Qv'est avtoru favoritus d'Arne Duering y qvul sont i libri favoritis?
Arne: "Bonus, estam pensir, esto skriboro y linguisto italos Umberto Eco lo favorito d'Arne Duering. Estam amir, in partikularu, di libri d'Eco in Anglus, "The Search for the Perfect Language" y "Foucault's Pendulum".

To be continued shortly...

Por mori informazoni sur Eulingu skribir a, danku!

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Brian Barker said...

It is a pity that a majority of people do not know that Esperanto has become a living language. In fact after a short period of 122 years Esperanto is now in the top 100 languages, out of 6,800 worldwide. It is the 17th most used language in Wikipedia ahead of Arabic and Danish. It is a language choice of Google, Skype, Firefox and Facebook.

Native Esperanto speakers,(people who have used the language from birth), include George Soros, World Chess Champion Susan Polger, Ulrich Brandenberg the new German Ambassador to Russia and Nobel Laureate Daniel Bovet. The language is within the top 100 languages, out of all languages, worldwide.

Your readers may be interested in the following video :) A glimpse of the language can be seen at :)

Stephen said...

If Esperanto is so popular (and it is certainly the largest auxlang around), why have so few heard of it? The reasoning seems confused.

Efektive S-ro Barker krokodilas: this blog is about Eulingu, not Eo. It harms the perception of Esperanto for some of its users to act like Kanye West.

That said, it's rather difficult to assess Eulingu based primarily on texts. The use of d' before consonants seems odd, and few Romance-based auxlangs conjugate for subject, but I'd need more data.

Brian Barker said...

In reply to Stephen I am aware that many people have heard of Esperanto.

The point I am making is that Esperanto has become a living language as opposed to other "projects" and very few people are aware of this undeniable fact.

Just google the word Esperanto and see how many hits you get :)