Neblu novus d'cenizu volkanus ab Eyjafjallajoekull

Reykjavik/Islandu. A new ash cloud spreading towards the UK is causing uncertainty over plans to reopen some airspace on Tuesday, air traffic control body Nats has said. Earlier, it said the flight ban would be lifted over Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England. But Nats said there was now a worsening situation in some areas. The outlook for Northern Ireland is most uncertain. Glasgow Airport and Newcastle International Airport said they were to reopen for certain flights at 0700 BST. Flights from Newcastle are expected to head to Aberdeen and the Isle of Man. And the first flights out of Glasgow are going to Stornoway and Islay, while the first international flight is expected to depart at midday going to Reykjavik, in Iceland.

Nats, which is due to report again at 0900 BST, has said more airspace over England was expected to become available from 1300 BST, although not as far south as London's main airports.

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