Gramatiku: VSO vs SVO

€ Sont usir Max y Felix t'automobilu qv'est plazirdt in garagu
~ sont u-sir maks i fe-liks t au-to-mo-bi-lu kvest pla-zirdt in ga-ra-gu
DE Max und Felix benutzen das Auto, das in der Garage steht/parkt
EN Max and Felix use the automobile which is parked in the garage

Gramatiku: VSO vs SVO
Est usir Eulingu t'SVO y VSO, in paralelu, un eksamplu petitu:

Auxiliary Verb - Verb - Substantivu - Objektu
Sont - usir - Max y Felix - t'automobilu

"Substantivu" - Auxiliary Verb - Verb - Objektu
qv'... - est - plazirdt - in garagu

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