The Dnghu Group: Goal for Europaio

~ Carlos Quiles (Author), Fernando López-Menchero (Contributor)

The origin
Modern Indo-European is an international auxiliary language based on the late Proto-Indo-European language, presented by two students at Extremadura University, Carlos Quiles and María Teresa Batalla, in 2006.

The purpose
The European language project's main aim is to obtain a common, modern and usable international auxiliary language for the European Union. The project aims to reconstruct the late Proto Indo-European language, as Hebrew was revived a century ago. The Dnghu Group stated goal for Europaio is, "to substitute present-day linguae francae from third parties within the EU for a single, natural and common National Language." The Europaio project therefore to promote a neutral language to all current and future EU members as an alternative to the common usage of one member's language such as English.

The revival project began with the foundation of the Dnghu Group in Extremadura in 2005, and the publication of Europaio: A Brief Grammar of the European Language (2006). The project was awarded a prize in a regional Government and University Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition in May 2006.

The book
A Grammar of Modern Indo-European, Second Edition, is a complete reference guide to a modern, revived Indo-European language. It contains a comprehensive description of Proto-Indo-European grammar and offers an analysis of the complexities of the prehistoric language and its reconstruction. Written in a fresh and accessible style, this book focuses on the real patterns of use in a modern Europe's Indo-European language. The book is well organized and is filled with full, clear explanations of areas of confusion and difficulty. It also includes an extensive bilingual dictionary, etymological notes, and numbered paragraphs designed to provide readers easy access to the information they require. An essential reference source for the learner and user of Indo-European, this book will be the standard work for years to come.

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