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In the long run there will be a decision whether Eulingu is strong enough or not to replace the already existing and respected European auxiliary languages?! The only way would be through simple and adaptable approaches...let's see what we have here for starters...

Ni artikali: Nu, Ni et Un
Nu/Ni: The definite articles "nu" and "ni" derive from the Irish articles “an” (sgl.) and “na” (pl.). In Eulingu “nu” means “the” (sgl.) and “ni” “the” (pl.). There is no distinction between f, m and n

nu femu/fema – the woman
ni femi – the women
nu pataru/paturu/patru/patro – the father
ni patari/paturi/patri – the fathers
nu stratu – the street
ni strati – the streets

Flexibility: In Eulingu various forms are possible (just compare UK and US English, theatre vs. theater = teatru vs. teatar/teatur in Eulingu) and time will tell which term for i.e. "father" will be the most popular with Europeans. 

Un: The indefinite article is “Un” and there is no distinction between f, m and n

un femu/fema – a (one) woman
un pataru/paturu/patru/patro – a (one) father
un stratu – a (one) street

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