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This is the official website for the universal simplified Hispanic and Italian language novalo, which is mutually understandable with, compatible with and based on the traditional Latin languages: Hispanic, Italian, and Esperanto.

What is Novalo?
Novalo, is the international simplified Neo-Latin language, more simple than Esperanto but understood by some 200 million people around the world. This makes Novalo one of the most widely understood languages around the world. This international language is gaining, daily, new ground: because it is as simple as the simplest constructed language and at the same time can be put to an immediate daily use for communication with some 200 million speakers. Unlike traditional Latin langauges, it uses only the most basic latin alphabet, without any accents or special characters, and it can be typed on any keyboard - including the U.S. keyboard. You will be amazed how many people will understand you, how many people will talk to you! Novalo will open up a whole new world for you, for your business, for your website, for your products, for profits, for education, for friendship and for pleasure. Novalo is the planned language of choice for modern people. Simple logical grammar, simple phonetic spelling, and full compatibility with all European languages - only simpler. Current Novalo dictionary contains only 200 words. Enter the Novalo World! Learn Novalo now!

Que esta al Novalo?
Novalo, al entrelanda simpla Neo Latina deciro esta piu simpla de Esperanto, la sabere 200 million humanos in al mondo. El hacere al Novalo al uno pius saberanta deciros in al mondo. El entrelanda deciro esta grandanta in todo quen dio: que el esta tale simpla de al pius simpla haceret deciro tu todo quen dio nos puede communice con 200 million corpos. Al Latina deciros usere simpla alphabetico senza speciala caracteros, al Novalo andare el dechado, ye el puede scrievere in todo quen claviaturo - al U.S claviaturo to. Tu estas bele, qual mucho humano estas deciro con tu! Al Novalo estas abrire al granda neva globo for tu, for tun enbaro, for tus webo, for tus esbaros, for tus baros, for amico connessio tu for riso. Novalo esta haceret deciro for moderna humanos. Simpla deciro scienzo, simpla deciro, tu granda marcharo con todo quen Europa deciros - sol pius simpla. In al noson Novalo verbolibro esta tale sol 200 verbos. Andaru in al Novalo Mondo! Sabere Novalo sol!

What = Que?
Who = Quen?
When = Quando?
Why = Porque?
What like = Qual?
Where = Donde?
How = Como?
How many, how much = Quanto?
Whose = Quio?

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