Ni artikali: Nu, Ni y Un

Nu/Ni: The definite articles "nu" and "ni" derive from the Irish articles “an” (sgl.) and “na” (pl.). In Europun “nu” means “the” (sgl.) and “ni” “the” (pl.). There is no distinction between f, m and n =>

nu fem – the woman, ni femi – the women
nu patar – the father, ni patari – the fathers
nu strat – the street and ni strati – the streets

Un: The indefinite article is “un” and there is no distinction between f, m and n =>
un fem – a (one) woman
un patar – a (one) father
un strat – a (one) street

-u: There appear to be cases where an additional "-u" is added to words in the singular form to replace "ordinary" endings such as "-y", "-o", "-ia" or "-ie"=>
un dikzonaru - a (one) dictonary
nu solu - the solo
un cafu - a (one) cafe, coffee
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