Europún in a new look as Eurolanguage

Dublin. Europún derives from Iorpún which itself has its roots in Duirún (with Duirún being a fully artificial language). In order to bring Europún to the next step we decided to change a few things that cut off most links to previous artificial languages and set the focus back on (the main) European languages.

# The article "na" (=the) will change to "nu" for two reasons, 1) the "a" in "na" suggests a female term which can be avoided by the neutral "u" and 2) as a reversal of "un" (=one, a/an)
# The plural "-i" will change to "-s"

€ Nu carn d'animals
prev. Na carn d'animali
EN The meat/flesh of the animals
DE Das Fleisch der Tiere

nu - the
carn - meat/flesh
animal - animal
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