Europan = Europún?

How to form an artificial language which makes sense to everyone or at least to most of us? One would agree that it seems a great and sometimes impossible challenge creating a unilang which would serve all Europe and Europeans as a European auxiliary language such as Esperanto or Interlingua. While Esperanto & Interlingua were introduced in late 1880 and mid 1950, more up-to-date approaches seem necessary to deal with the enormous changes in social, cultural & European life. R u ready? Democracies, elections, the internet, mobile phones & free boundaries opened up a new world which cannot be ignored, the European Spirit needs to be held up high and its influence should be reflected in every step of our attempt in creating a European Unilang.

Surprisingly we have recently come across an experiment similar to the Europún approach which indicates that Europeans - wherever you are - are willing to at least discuss or even play with the thought of a European Unilang => EUROPAN, good luck, Thomas...keep in touch!


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