Buki or libari - Books or books?

Dublin/Europú. Due to the fact that for an European Unilang it is sometimes impossible to select or choose one particular term or appropriate word for a certain subject, act or attribute, Europún allows different words to reflect the same meaning.

=> Obviously the English word "book" seems pretty close to the German "Buch" (also the French "bouquin") so it would be easy to go for "buk" as an Europún expression. On the other hand the French word "livre" or Spanish "libro" has no connection with "buk" - whatsoever - so based on its Latin origin "liber" one could create "libar" as an Europún term

=> Therefore "buk" and "libar" are equally accepted in Europún!

Buk - Book, Buch, bouquin, livre, libro, liber
Libar - Book, Buch, bouquin, livre, libro, liber

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