A Constructed Languages Library of Europian Conlangs

The Conlang Library aims to be comprehensive in its list of links, rather than maintaining current information on the status of each language, as some other worthy sites do. Therefore, beyond the author's name, no other information is given. The best resource on a language is the site itself.
For other notable libraries of links, visit Jeffrey Henning's Conlang Profiles at Langmaker, Richard Kenneway's Conlang Resources, Maya's Artificial Languages, Daniel Andreasson's Conlang Links, and Joshua Shinavier's Conlang Yellow Pages.

Esperando Jay Bowks
Esperanto (Lingvo Internacia) Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof
Esperanto de DLT P. M. Witkam
Esperanto sen Fleksio Rick Harrison
Eurana (Eurish) [Deutsch] Muhammad Selim
Euransi Libor Sztemon
Eurolang Philip Hunt
Eurolengo Leslie Jones
Europanto Diego Marani
Europeano Jay Bowks

For more information visit http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/9219/conlib.html
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